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Retrieving equivalent of All Transactions Table


I would like to use the REST API to retrieve the same data that is available through the APM’s All Transactions page.

I can see how I can get a list of all the available metrics (using… and I could filter this list by providing a name “WebTransactionTotalTime” This gives me a list of all the metrics that start with “WebTransactionTotalTime”.

I can see that I can use to get back the data I want for one or more of those metrics… but the names would have to be provided explicitly for each metric. If I enter “WebTransactionTotalTime” I only get one metric back, not all the child metrics.

Is there a way to get more metrics back without having to list each and every one?

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We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team.


Hi @pierslawson - I didn’t figure out the Total (% time) but the remaining columns are here:

FROM Transaction SELECT apdex(duration) as 'Apdex', count(*) as 'Count', average(duration) as 'Avg', stddev(duration) as 'SD', min(duration) as 'Min', max(duration) as 'Max', sum(duration) as 'Total', percentage(count(*),WHERE apdexPerfZone IN('F','T')) as 'Dissat %' since 30 minutes ago limit 1000 facet name


@stefan_garnham thanks for that. However, that is an Insights query I believe which limits me in terms of how far back into my APM data I can look. I was wanting to use the REST API which allows me to look at any time period.


I think the amount of data you can view is limited by your retention period only. You can extract the data using that query to store yourself for later analysis.


Yes, you are correct. However I’m wanting to extract historic data. The historic data is available in the APM UI and is available in the API… only I can’t find a way to extract it from the API without asking for the historic data for each individual transaction, one at a time.


Are you using the Insights API to run the query? Have you checked whether it uses paging?


No, to be clear I using the “REST API” specifically because it gives access to all my APM data (not just the data in Insights). See this URL:

I chose this forum as I assumed it was about the REST API, not the Insights API… perhaps it covers both APIs? Regardless, my question is really about the REST API as mentioned in my first question.

Thanks for your help anyway.


I haven’t used that API heavily so cannot provide you any additional assistance. Hopefully @RyanVeitch can provide additional information for you.


Thanks for tagging me here @stefan_garnham… I’m not completely sure that’s possible @pierslawson, but I’ll ask some colleagues here to check. I’ll follow up when I get a response.


Thanks both… I hope to hear some good news!


@pierslawson I’m afraid it doesn’t seem that the information you are looking for is available out of the box with the Rest API.

The suggestion I got from colleagues was to look at automations with the API.
Setting up an automation script to pull metric names from the API and then cycle through them individually.

Is this something you could look into?

I’m going to go ahead and file a feature request on your behalf internally, and I’ll get a poll added here to your post for others to vote on the idea.


I think that this feature would be super useful!

I have been utilizing the API to get all of the relevant data so I can analyze it automatically, but as of now I am having to make quite a few requests and custom code on my end, where as something that would let me just pull down all metrics meeting a certain criteria such as WebTransactionTotalTime would be awesome!


Thanks for the reply @tnovak - I’ll get that feedback added to the feature idea I filed for you.