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Revert my alerts back to Legacy Alerting



Hello Lisa, can you please revert my alerts back to Legacy Alerting? thank you

Please revert my Alerts back to Legacy Alerting

Hey @buses - I’ve started a ticket with you to help out. Thank you :slight_smile:


Hello @Lisa!

So that we don’t open another topic, we will reply here.

Please switch back our account to legacy alerting. :slightly_smiling:

Thank you!
Bogdan H.


Hi @Bogdan.H, just curious why you wanted to revert to legacy alerting? Any info you’re willing to share?


Hi Nate,

We are missing the “host down” alert for our servers. We tried to compensate with our own in house monitoring solution, but we like the ideea that we can have everything in one place.

New Relic it’s doing a great job for us and we plan to use it even further, inside our platform.

Thank you!
Have a great day!

Bogdan H.


Morning Lisa, We also want to revert to old alert system



Hey @pdeacuna - I have made a private support ticket to help get you sorted. Look out for my email! :blush:



The “host down” alert is missing for us too.
So could you please revert my alerts back to Legacy Alerting?
Thanks in advance.

Mathieu LEBEE


Sure thing, @mlebee! I have created a ticket so that you can chat with our alerts experts about this. Please look out for my email! :e-mail:


Please revert my alerts back to legacy as soon as possible.




I have created a ticket for you, too @vighnesh.naik! This switch can take up to 24 hours.

Look out for my email! Thanks :e-mail:


Hello @Linds, can you please revert my alerts too? =)

Thank you so much in advance


Hi there @javieresquivel - I’m going to submit a ticket for you as well. Please note, however, that Legacy Alerts will only be around until May. You’ll need to make plans to upgrade before then! In the meantime, keep a lookout for an email from us.



We are missing the downtime alerts as well and I see some customers requesting to revert back to legacy alerting. Does that mean we can request to keep legacy alerting after May 15? If so I would like to request keeping our legacy alerts after May 15 because we need the downtime alerts, otherwise please let me know how to recreate this policy on the new alerts portal.



Hi there @devoptrack -

Welcome to the community! Reverting to legacy alerts does NOT allow you to keep them past the May 15 deadline.

That said, we do have a couple of options for availability monitoring that may work for you:

Let me know if these are not going to meet your needs and we can see what we can do to help you find another option.


Thanks hross
Synthetics Ping Monitor was perfect. I wasn’t aware it was available on our Essentials APM subscription.
Are you planning to add more world locations to the Synthetics ping monitoring?


So glad to hear that Ping Monitoring will work for your needs @DevOptrack!

I don’t have any news about adding more locations at the moment. The current list is available here:

And covers the globe! Let me know if that does not get you what you need.