Role settings when using New Relic via Heroku

I am currently using newrelic as an add-on for heroku, but creating an alert policy requires admin role.

When I look at the user’s role settings, I see that the owner is
and my account cannot be changed to the Admin role anymore, please help!

Hi @msa.ota

Thanks for reaching out, I hope you are well.

As the account is a Heroku account the support for all permissions need to be made via Heroku, as we have limited insight into the account.

I would highlight that traditionally owner role should have access to creating the alert. When reaching out to Heroku support I would advise the you provide the following info;

  1. Confirm the account id.
  2. Share a screenshot if the error you are noting.
  3. Provide a permalink to where you are seeing this issue appear.

The above info will help them in their investigation, and should the Heroku support team need additional support from New Relic they will be able to reach to provide the info to the team as well as confirming the permissions.

I contacted heroku support and they replied that I should contact newrelic support.
I think this is the same content as the following post, but can’t it be addressed on the newrelic side?

Here is the response from heroku

Thank you for your inquiry, but for Team-owned apps, the owner is the Team account due to NewRelic’s specifications, and NewRelic support needs to be responsible for adding or changing the initial admin. Please ask the person who responded to the Exlopers Hub to have NewRelic take care of this.
The Heroku support ticket number is #1156042, please share if you need a Heroku ticket from NewRelic.

Hi @msa.ota

Thank you for the reply here.

It looks like Heroku created the case, which is correct process here. Please note I have shared the case number 1156042 with the team.

They will reply via the case, wishing you a great day!

Hi @dcody

Tickets have been open for a few days now.
When do you plan to complete this correspondence?

Hi @msa.ota

Thanks for reaching out, I hope you are well.

I will reach out to the accounts team and request an urgency on an update for you.