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Rollback to legacy alerts on my account



I would also like to roll back to legacy alerts.


Hey @tekGuy64— in order to start the rollback process I have created a support ticket for you. Look out for my email!


Just got it. Thanks!


I would also like to roll back to legacy alerts. Thanks!


Hi @csdbg,

I have created a support ticket with you to start the rollback process


Ditto, could you please roll our account back as well? Got bitten by this yesterday with Amazon’s outage in Sydney!

Feature Idea Poll: Agent Not Connected OR Server Not Responding?
Alert policy no "network outage" metric?

No problem, @michael_anthon! I will go ahead and create a support ticket for you in order to get this sorted out! Look out for my email! :envelope:


All rolled back now, thanks!


Good to hear! @michael_anthon :thumbsup: Let us know if you need anything else!


Hi, If we roll back to legacy alerts will our alert conditions remain ?




Hey @tom.bosworth! I do believe they will remain. Is rolling back to legacy something that you are interested in doing?


@Linds please rollback our account also. Thank you


Hey @lipek! Rolling back to legacy alerts is still an option as of right now, however, I want to make sure you have seen this announcement:

There will be a time in the near future when the legacy options are no longer available.

It is no problem to get you rolled back but I don’t want you to get all set up just to have to re-think your alerting strategy in a few months. Please let me know how you would like to proceed! :blush:


Hey @Linds
it is hard to miss this information as it on nearly every page in NR dashboard :slight_smile:
We tested new alerting and decided it is not for us (at least for now). Since it is very fresh, I hope it will get better till May 15th and will suite our needs (we would have no choice anyway).
What I will miss the most is “Servers” - I predicted you would close “Servers” (in this topic).
Anyway: we are sure we want to get back to legacy alerts - it was to hasty decision to switch to new alerting.
Thank you


Could you let us know what you’re missing in Alerts or what isn’t working for you? We would love to make sure everyone is as comfortable as possible in the new system before the cutoff. I’m sure @NateHeinrich would appreciate the feedback!

If there’s some particular workflow or use case that you’re finding to be challenging we would be happy to help with that too, just let us know.


Ha glad you picked up on our subtle over-communications about this, @lipek! :wink:

Like @parrott mentions above, learning the specifics about why you want to use legacy alerts vs. Alerts will be helpful to our product team. Please feel free to comment directly in this thread!

In the meantime, I have created a ticket so we can get you rolled back to legacy. Look out for my email!


@Linds Thank you for the ticket. I am rolled back already.
@parrott New Alerts doesn’t have (or at least I couldn’t find) “Server is not reporting” incident (with Legacy Servers). I know Servers is going to retire (unfortunately) and this feature is available in Infrastructure but we are using Servers and are not ready to migrate to Infrastructure (or at least not ready to migrate to Infrastructure immediately due to lack of alerts).
We were also double notified (Legacy alerts and New Alerts emails) when something happened (of course after setting new alert because the old ones did not migrate and we had to guess what we were monitoring and on what level and who to notify).

Of course we will be forced to use new alerts and infrastructure on May, 15th but we will be better prepared then.


@lipek I completely understand that, thank you for letting us know! We’re always trying to keep a close watch on what people might feel like they’re not getting from Alerts. You are not along amongst people who went all-in with Alerts only to discover that the server not reporting they were used to relies on Infrastructure moving forward.

Your Support ticket should have taken care of getting you rolled back and we’ll be ready for you when you’re ready to make the switch over.


Created a post related to the same issue: [URGENT] Please change my account back to Legacy Alerts Please address it as soon as possible.


Looks like things are all sorted now, @aarti.jay.jivrajani! Let us know if you need anything else. :blush: