Rolling Logs for Android

Hi for iOS it seems there is a way to log into rolling files which can then be shipped over HTTP:

inFile: "NewRelicService", 
atLine: 19,
inMethod: "didFinishLaunchingWithOptions",
 		withMessage: "New Relic log target is set to log.json")

Is there a similar way to do this in Android, I checked the docs but was not able to find anything relevant, neither the methods in 5.27.0 version of the SDK suggest there is a way. Not sure if I am missing anything or overlooking!


Hi Junaid,

It looks like you’ve been working with Amanda in a support ticket and this feature does not currently exist for the Android agent.

We can check on your last request if there is any guidance from our developers.

If anyone in the mobile community forum has found a solution, please share!