Rotating License Key

Hi - could we please receive help in rotating our license key - thank you.

Hey there @rando56789,

Welcome to the community and great question, In this situation I note that you may be able to avail of a self service solution.

As we’ve started offering the ability to generate secondary license keys, also known as ingest keys , using Nerdgraph. For more information on that process, check out this article. Something to note about using these ingest keys is that in the event you need to regenerate your keys in the future, you would have the ability to do so yourself!

I hope this provided help and guidance, please feel to let me know if this worked. Any additional questions are always welcome!

Hi - our New Relic access is via the Heroku integration so we are unable to generate any secondary keys or rotate the keys on a self-serve basis - it errors out. Could we please have the credentials manually rotated from New Relic’s side? Thank you

HI @rando56789

So i did a little digging here and I found the following;

  1. To rotate the license key you will need to be made by a user that has a minimum role of full admin permissions on the account in order to make the request. Currently you have Full Basic User Role.

  2. The rotation will be done by our accounts team via a case as protect any private data.

  3. The email associated to your profile and account is a gmail account. Currently the tool we use to support cases, dose not allow for personal or public email domains to be used.

To proceed I would suggest you;

  1. Have your role on the account upgraded to full admin or else have a full admin member make a new post with the same request.

  2. Update your email to use the accounts company email domain.

Please feel free to let me know which option you will take, as this will allow me to proceed.