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RPM Ruby agent truncates stack trace



Recently, I updated newrelic_rpm gem to from and noticed that stack traces of error logs is truncated.
It seems that it’s introduced by
Release note:

While I understand the motivation, the way of truncation eliminated convenience of error analytics a lot.
When the error is raised from a deep place of a framework (in my case rails), first and last 25 lines is not enough. It often doesn’t include any my application code and it makes hard to find the cause.

Please recover full stack trace or at least include application code trace.


Hey @yusuke.mito!

Thanks for letting us know you miss the full error stack trace and acknowledging reasons for us making this change. For most customers the first and last 25 lines of the error trace are sufficient, but I understand it is not in your case.

I filed a feature request on your behalf to get more lines in the error trace and suggested making a configuration file option for this. Thanks for bringing this up. :+1:


I also have the same problem. In may case I am only getting 1 or two lines
It is driving me insane tracking down problems.
I was considering trying a different system, but if it is configurable, that would solve our problem
Does any one know if this has been implemented


Hey @jobgetter-

Thanks for following up on this post! I’d like to help look into this for you.
Do you think you could reply with a permalink to show me what you’re seeing?

note: only NR Admin will be able to successfully redirect when clicking the permalink

Thank you!