Run book url not showing up in the alert email

We had setup an alert condition with a run book url configured so that our support people can click on the url and find what they need to do. But in the email we received the run book URL was not listed. this used to work and seems like it is broken. Can you help to find out why the run book url is missing in the email alert

Hi @chida.jeyabalan -

It has not been possible to customize the content of email from our Alerts capability. We have a Feature Idea in the community around this:

That said, other notification channels (see webhooks in particular) do allow you to customize the payload of the alert. That may be a good workaround for you:

Let me know if this does not help.

Hi, @chida.jeyabalan: Alert notification emails should include a link to the configured runbook:

If you are not seeing that, can you please post a link to your alert condition that is triggering the incident? Thank you!

looks like it is working now. thanks

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Glad to hear it @chida.jeyabalan! Let us know if you need anything else!