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Say hello to our new Support Portal


On July 25, we launched a new version of the New Relic Support Portal. This was our first new release in over three years, and we’re excited to share that it is just the beginning of our work to improve your experience there.

Good news! You don’t have to learn anything new today. Most of our work was behind the scenes, so all the things you are used to are still there, and likely still right where you’ve always found it. Here’s a run-down of what DID change:

New search engine

We’ve updated the search engine to provide more insightful results. Now, when you’re searching for help with installation, you can use a filter to get docs, community posts, and New Relic University videos specific to your language agent, for example.

Mobile-friendlier ticket creation

We know - problems don’t always crop up when you are conveniently located in front of your computer and keyboard. We’ve updated the ticket submission so that it works much better on mobile devices so that you can submit can issues wherever you are.

What’s next for the Support Portal?

As I mentioned, this is just the beginning of what we’re working on for you. Over the next few months, expect to see more minor changes on the page, that we hope will add up to some big improvements. Here’s where we will be focusing our work:

  • UX and UI improvements: Elements of the page will shift around as we gather more data about how you use the page, and what works best where.
  • Improved search results: We now have access to robust analytics about which searches perform well,and not so well. We’ll be working behind the scenes to continue to refine the algorithms so you get the information you need.
  • More mobile work: When we’re done, the entire support experience should be mobile-friendly!

Got feedback?

We want to hear it! If you have opinions about these changes, or changes you want to see, please share it here. We’re doing this work because we love working with our customers, so we invite you to partner with us on this journey!


The new submission form on the portal is easy to use. It is a shame that the performance of the site seems as slow as it has been historically.

Submitting a ticket and navigating around is still much slower than I would expect from a company for whom the mantra is performance.


Cheers, @stefan_garnham. We definitely don’t want to be slow! I’ll pass on that feedback to the Support Tools team responsible for that page. :smiley:


Hey @stefan_garnham -

@RyanVeitch shared your post with us. When you shared that feedback in our testing phase, we did indeed take a look. I think I understand that, in particular, you are concerned with search and ticket submission performance. We want to be as transparent as possible with our customers, so here’s what’s up:

Good News in Search! In the newly released Support Portal, we took a couple of steps forward with search speed, adjusting the engine to improve performance. Once you click submit, you should see speedier results now. This is an area we’re continuing to focus on, so you may see more positive changes over time.

The Support Portal is a custom app that integrates several key components of our Support architecture. One of those integrations is with our ticketing system, which is proprietary software. There are a few opportunities to improve the performance, and those are on our radar, but are heavy lifts. It will take us some time to make improvements there.

If you have other specific areas you are curious about, let me know and I’ll get you some details.


I got an email saying my support ticket was resolved—however, I cannot find the text of my original ticket. How do I use the new site to see all the tickets I have issued?


Hey @ddownie - You should see all of your tickets here:


The problem is the ticket was entered before the transition to the new portal. I cannot see any of the active tickets I previously entered. I cannot even see the details of this ticket—only the recent response. Any plans to migrate the “active” support tickets from the previous portal?


@ddownie - That is unexpected… there’s a Historical tickets checkbox on the support portal that you will need to select in order to see older closed tickets. Can you ensure you have ticked that checkbox and let us know if you still don’t see tickets?


The checkbox does show historical tickets, but not that particular one Request #309689. I suspect the problem to be the joining of data sets where half the conversation is in the former system and half is in the new? What I’m really trying to remember is what was the original issue I entered. I’m making no progress in that goal.

The “Show historical tickets” checkbox is slow and not sticky as I navigate around. Not the best experience. Took me a while to figure that the data I was looking for just wasn’t there.


Hey @ddownie - thanks for that update. That particular part of the system (the ticket inbox) was not updated at all so should not be affected. I think we may need some additional information from you that we might not want to publish publicly, so I am going to open a ticket for this case. You should receive an email for the ticket, and I’m hopeful it will show up in your inbox!


Circling back - wanted to let everyone know that we solved @ddownie’s issue yesterday (thanks for working with us on that!). To confirm - the ticket inbox was not touched, so should be working as it always has. However, if you see anything you feel is not right, please let us know!