Scheduling of scripted monitors

I’m testing some schedules for scripted monitors using a ping monitor. Checking from 3 locations the checks every 30 minutes are running at the 06, 13, 21, 25, 37, 52, 53 minute mark. Is there a way to spread these out more evenly? Does the scheduler balance this out over time? There’s a 15 min gap between 37 and 52.

@bill.anderson we make a best-effort to spread the checks out evenly, but it’s not guaranteed. Over time the schedule will vary, and if a specific region is experiencing network issues it can also shift the schedule a bit.

We are aware that there is a bit more drift than is optimal, and we’re pursing some options to reduce this here in the near future! :slight_smile:

Thanks, One option might be to have a schedule that allows you to select alternate locations. That way if a location is overloaded or down there is a backup location the monitor still runs just not at the suggested location. In general, it’s more important to make sure to verify the site is up than check from a specific location. There are exceptions to this where we need to check from a specific location to a specific site

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