Scrape Windows Scheduled .NET Job Logs to New Relic

.NET Agent Question Template

  • .NET Framework 4.7.2

  • Windows Server version 6.1


Hello, we are trying to run a windows scheduled task of an import job .exe and ship the logs to new relic. We have the .net agent installed on the server and have tried referencing the app name in the instrumentation section of the global config. Do we need to have an individual local new relic config or reference new relic in the applications app.config? We have checked the following documentation, implemented what the documentation describes, and it is still not working. Thanks in advance for the help

Hi, @EGalante: To be clear, New Relic is not a log ingestion or parsing solution. New Relic agents work by instrumenting application code and sending collected metrics (such as transaction and database query execution times) to New Relic.

You may find this post helpful in getting the .NET agent to instrument your application:

Hi Phil,

What we’re really trying to do get any sign that our .NET application is being picked up by new relic. We have followed all of the steps in several forums, and still can’t get anything. However, we link we have stumbled upon the problem. Can you confirm if .Net Framework 4.7 is supported by New Relic? we believe this is why the agent isn’t picking up our app.


As far as I know, Framework version 4.7 is supported by version 7.0 or higher of the .NET Framework agent.

This post has a nice compilation of troubleshooting steps: