Scripted Browser Login with Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) - Login Code from email

Apologies if the is a well-known/duplicate question, did look for existing thread.

I have an application that requires userId/password/code-from-email. As you would expect the flow is 1) submit userId/password. 2) retrieve code from user’s emal account 3) submit code from email.
I have several woking scripted browser synthetics ( they work great) but I am not at all sure how to do (2) from the synthetic’s script. Is it possible, and there any helper classes to retrieve the mail that contains the login code? for (3).

Hi @Avery.Salmon - There is no current way to implement MFA as you described. One option is to allow bypassing of the MFA based on the ip address of the Synthetics hosts.

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Thanks Stefan, looks like we can bypass MFA based on certain group memberships, so will take that approach. Of course the “perfect world” scenario is to test MFA itself (not bypass it) - as that is what the users are doing. So should I follow some procedure to submit a feature request, or add my name to an exiting one for this functionality? For ourselves we would be satisfied if support was limited to gmail, via is API.

Thanks again! Avery

MFA usually requires an email or text message containing a code sent to a user. If you can figure out how you would get that information from a synthetic script then you could post a feature request :wink:

Just checking once again now, if there is a way for MFA in New Relic Synthetics… Please let me know…

I am also opening NR ticket to get official reply, so I can share the same with my team /developers etc…

Thanks and Regards - Jai.