Search Tips for Explorers Hub 🔍

From our very own expert Relics to brand new community members, sometimes users can find it difficult to get the exact results they need for a solution to their problems. I would like to share some guidance and tips on how to get the most out of your searches because “Knowing is half the battle!”

Tips for searching in the Explorers Hub:

  1. Try Different Spellings of Words - Results can vary depending on regional spelling of words like organization/organisation. If you are having trouble finding what you need you can try to query differently, and often this will result in you receiving more accurate results.

  2. Start With the Category - Selecting a category prior to searching will limit your results to just that area. Use the category drop down or select from the list below. You can also accomplish this from the advanced search options, which we will touch on later.

  3. Utilize “Sort By” Feature - The search will default to relevant results which is great for finding topics related to the keywords in your search. You can also utilize the latest post and latest topic options to find the active posts with updated information. Most liked will usually return results from Relics and Community Heroes.

  4. Search Options Button - You can find the search options button by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the top right. You can also utilize the search field to query results and it will also take you to the same expanded screen with the advanced search tools.

Advanced Search:

From this screen we have a helpful advanced search panel that can help filter out results based on categories, tags, posted by a specific user as well as others like date filters which we will touch on below:

Utilizing these advanced options can narrow down results even further. To follow is a brief overview of the fields in this view:

  1. Categorized - Here we can filter results by what category they belong to. This is the same as selecting a category prior to searching.

  2. Tagged - This is useful for finding topics that may be similar but possibly live in separate categories.

  3. Only return topics/posts - This will locate topics based on special criteria. You can use this to search for matching titles, pinned topics, or even posts that you have previously read and are just trying to find again. There are many options in the drop down field to be used as well.

  4. Filter by post count and topic views - This field is useful for finding topics based on views or post counts. Topics may have extremely helpful content with little to no discussion after the initial post. Others also may have the same question multiple times in the same topic that you may want to filter out as well.

  5. Posted before/after - You can use this to filter out results based on a before or after date. This can be helpful for locating solutions in our ever evolving world.

While search engines are not perfect, utilizing one or multiple of these search options while you are on Explorers Hub can definitely help you find what you are looking for. Our community team is always here to help if you have further questions or run into issues finding the information you need.