Searching for specific transactions in APM

  1. Is there a way to find out all URIs with a pattern ex: “/site/profile/carts/*” where * can be cartid’s

SELECT count(request.uri) FROM Transaction SINCE 30 MINUTES AGO WHERE request.uri = '/site/profile/carts/* ’ TIMESERIES

  1. Any alternative on searching for specific transaction details apart from transaction trace as
    Insights didn’t show me any data? Ex: search/get all related details for specific userid who failed to login

SELECT count(request.uri) FROM Transaction WHERE request.uri like '/site/profile/carts/%’ facet request.uri TIMESERIES auto limit max SINCE 30 MINUTES AGO

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Hi @sundeep.brahmandlapa,

It looks like @6MM has already answered your first question. Regarding the second, something like a userid isn’t something we’d be capturing out of the box. Are you logging the details as custom attributes already?

@hwilkalis maybe userid example wasn’t apt here but say something like cartid thats part of ATC url

Hey @sundeep.brahmandlapa It would be helpful to get a better understanding of what you are actually trying to do with this information. That way I can see if another SME can provide some insights.

Hi, @sundeep.brahmandlapa: URL query parameters are also not captured by default, so @hwilkalis’ answer still applies.

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