Searching in radar - no results found


I’ve started to use Radar today and have been unable to get any results from the search. It says to ‘search for a card title’ which I presume to be things such as ‘low disk space’ or ‘low memory warning’ but neither of these return any cards. With no search applied I can see instances of both these cards so I would have expected the search to pick them up. I’ve also tried searching on application name but that also returned no results.

Am I doing something wrong or is there an issue with search?

Many thanks

Hi @david.williams, there does look to be an issue with the Search functionality, i’d like to open up a ticket on this to take a closer look :slight_smile:

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Hi @rdouglas, do you know when this might be fixed?

Hi @david.williams, this issue has been prioritised as critical but still being worked on