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Security Update: NR18-07 for Java, Python, and .NET agents



New Relic agents run explain plans for Slow Transaction Traces and Slow SQL Queries. Previous versions of the agents would run an explain plan on the SQL query by prepending the query with explain. This may cause an issue when there are multiple statements separated by semicolons in a single query. The first statement in the string returns its explain plan, but any subsequent statement after that may execute as a general SQL statement. Depending on the language, library, and database, the agent may return the results of the additional statements to New Relic. It is also possible that the additional statements could execute an additional INSERT or UPDATE command. With this security update, New Relic agents will no longer run explain plans on any query that contains a semicolon as a statement separator.


Mitigating factors

  • Many SQL libraries and language frameworks prevent various forms of executing multiple statements with explain.
  • Explain plans are off for newer versions of the .NET agent.