Send alert if server is down more than x minutes

Currently, I am monitoring my server by synthetic ping monitoring. There is an ongoing deployment, the deployment takes more than 1 minute to completely up the server. At that time newrelic trigger an alert for ping fail. I want to trigger an alert if my website is down for 3 minutes. How can I do that ??

Hi @yeahia

Great question! You basically only want to get notified if there are 3 minutes worth of ping failures (I assume you’re making 1 ping check per minute) – let me know if I’m off-base.

You could use a NRQL alert condition for this, and simply count the number of SyntheticCheck events for this particular monitorName. Set up a Loss of Signal setting for this condition to open a Signal Lost violation after 3 minutes and you should be sorted. The query will look something like this:

SELECT count(*) FROM SyntheticCheck WHERE monitorName = 'My Ping Monitor' AND result = 'FAILURE'

(You’ll need to change the value of monitorName to match your own ping monitor)

I hope this helps!