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Send deploy marker from Jenkins Pipeline to NewRelic



I am using Jenkins Pipeline for my applications.
My goal is to start sending deployment marker from the pipeline to New Relic to be able to track the health of the application right after the deployment.
I know, there is a deployment notifier plugin in Jenkins but it has no information on whether it’s possible to use it in Pipelines.
Is the best option to use this kind of API call?
curl -X POST ‘${APP_ID}/deployments.json’ \ -H ‘X-Api-Key:${APIKEY}’ -i \ -H ‘Content-Type: application/json’ \ -d \ ‘{ “deployment”: { “revision”: “REVISION”, “changelog”: “Added: /v2/deployments.rb, Removed: None”, “description”: “Added a deployments resource to the v2 API”, “user”: "" } }’


Hey @tech-vendor-admin - I don’t know if that jenkins plugin does support deployment markers from jenkins pipelines, that is something you’ll need to confirm with the Jenkins folks.

If you cannot get deployment markers through pipelines, then yes, that deployment marker curl command is the next best option :slight_smile: