Send Logs Using Kubernetes Sidecar

How do I configure my application logs to be sent via a side car configuration in addition to the deamonset setup of the new relic “kubernetes plugin”? Architectural reference:

The reason I ask is because I very much like view logs in a none json format (via kubectl, stern, etc) however in order for the APM to play nice with the logs it seems they must be in json format? For this reason I would like have the logs for the app using the APM to be consumed via a sidecar while cluster level logs can carry on not in a json format.

I am dealing with a Node app. Reference NR docs regarding the APM logging config here:

Ideally I can have the side car ingest the json formatted logs via a Winston transport while the easy on the eyes, non-json formatted logs continue going to stdout and picked up by the logging deamon(set). In the NR logs view I would then filter the logs to not show the json formatted logs to avoid duplication when using new relic log viewing, however I have contextual log info when scoped via the APM.

Thanks for your help.