Sendgrid Plugin - working NEW integration?

I tried to follow the documentation to integrate Sendgrid with my NewRelic to view statistics on my phone:

However, in NewRelic I cannot find the Sendgrid plugin. You say that plugins are going to be replaced with “infrastructure integration” (Finding the list of Plugins), but how can I add Sendgrid there?

I reached out to SendGrid Support, but they tell me that this plugin is a “NewRelic product and not a SendGrid product and they can not troubleshoot or assist with the integration”.

I found this and made sure my account data is hosted in the US (as pointed out at the end of the thread)

Some people in the forum wrote about a year ago that there sendgrid integration is still working. But how can I set this up from scratch?


The New Relic plug ins are coming up to end of life. I am not aware if the Sendgrid plugin is to be migrated to the new integrations.

@herbert.bodner We do not have an integration replacement for the sendgrid plugin at this time. However this does look like a good candidate for a feature request. I will add this to our feature request board and in the meantime, you can also look into creating your own through the flex integration. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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