Sending a soap request through scripted browser


I have a web service endpoint.

My requirement is to send a soap request and look for a specific response. I usually do it through a curl --data in a shell script, i also send authentication details using --header in the same request.

Now, I am trying do it through the scripted browser and i assume i can send authentication details using $browser.addHeader(), but not able to find anything to send soap request data. Is this possible?


Hi, @smandru: It sounds like an API Test is a better fit for your use case.


Hi @smandru - You may want to look at my sample API synthetic script for clues.

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I am new to these scripts, i still need to spend lot more time to figure this out.

Thanks for your responses though. @philweber @stefan_garnham

Let us know if we can help with any other questions you may have, @smandru!

Eager to hear what you have tried so far! :blush: