Sending Lambda Container logs to NR

We’re using quite a few AWS Lambda functions and having read this article it seems it’s possible to bypass Cloudwatch and send the logs straight to NR.

However. is it possible to do this with AWS Lambda Containers rather than the Scripts with Layers option? We’re using a Custom Runtime ® within the Lambda Container.

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I’m wondering it too. I was trying to do it today. New Relic Agent has started successfully but I cannot see any logs/metrics in New Relic.
Could someone help with it?

Hey @james.randles,

Note that we don’t officially support this, but your Dockerfile can do something similar to what our newrelic-lambda-layer does. For example, if you have a python container, their Dockerfile would need to install the python agent, add the handler wrapper, etc. like this:

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AWS suggests that for lambda layers in container images the cleanest solution is for partners like Newrelic to publish a docker image with the contents of a layer, then it becomes really trivial to include the lambda layer in docker image for lambda.

Could Newrelic consider publishing a public image like that?

For example, here is how datadog did it: