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Sending metrics frequency of sdk c agent



I’m using the C sdk and I have observed that the C Agent is sending metric every minutes. Is it possible to change the frequency ?
I would like to have something more frequent.


Hi @briard
It’s not currently possible to change the harvesting frequency in the C-SDK. Although the code is open-source, it will not work to change it in the SDK. Changing the frequency in the SDK could result in data loss as the backend will not accept the more frequent harvests.

Faster event harvest or real-time streaming is something we’re excited about, and we will be working on soon. We can let you know when it’s available. Thank you for letting us know that you’re interested in this feature.


Hi @briard
We have released support for real-time streaming in the C-SDK. Version 1.3.0 will now send events every 5 seconds (excluding span events).


Hi @amurphy
How can I activate the real-time streaming ?


If you’re using the the c-sdk version 1.3 or higher it will work automatically.