Sending Statsd metrics with tags

I am trying to integrate StatsD with Newrelic. I am following the steps from here I was able to see the metrics but I don’t get the behavior I expect.

1- I am running Statsd service
2 - I have installed the New Relic .js backend and this is the config I am using

debug: true,
port: 8125,
backends: [ “@newrelic/statsd-infra-backend” ],
newrelic: {
port: 8001,
host: “localhost”,
rules: [
matchExpression: “.*”,
metricSchema: “{app}.{service}.{metricName}”,
eventType: “statsd_36”,

and this is the metric I am sending:

echo “app_01.queue.size:3|g|#tag:” | nc -w 1 -u 8135

I need to be able to query over app_01 with tags:

SELECT * FROM statsd_06 where app = ‘app_01’ and tag=

but from what I see the tag value is being combined with the metric name:

I was wondering if there is a way I can implement the behavior I am looking for?