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Sept. 29, 2017 Post of the Week! NRQL, Angular/Browser, Radar and Baseline Alerts!



Hello and Welcome to our

Post of the Week! :lollipop: :lollipop: :lollipop:

This is my chance to thank all of you contributors who helped out in the Explorer Hub this week! We always try to give kudos when we see awesomeness! and sometimes that awesomeness if simply being the one who reads all the cool stuff coming into the community! So thanks for watching, reading, helping, listening, learning—you make this space great! Read on to learn what some exceptional Explorers accomplished this week.

Huge ‘thanks’ to @artur.levchenko who shared some of their NRQL magic:

@samih helps out with this Angular issue (which has since been solved in the latest update!) :

We love :heart: when @jbiggley jumps in to share his thoughts and feelings:

And be sure to check out @Fidelicatessen 's newest Level Up: Relic Solution post, When to use (and when not to use) new Baseline Alerting:

In case you haven’t heard, during the month of October you can certify as a Performance Pro with NRU and get a special, limited edition prize! Check out all the resources you will need to pass the test here or by clicking on the banner above!

Again, thank you all for doing your part to keep our community a wonderful place to learn New Relic!