September 15, 2017 Post of the Week—Alerts, APM and Shopping Challenge!

It’s time for another

Post of the Week ! :green_apple: :green_apple: :green_apple:

Here we highlight all of the latest outstanding contributions to our Online Technical Community! These are the rockstars that come to help, discuss and think through features and issues together. Not only was there a lot of insight being shared this past week, there were many exciting revelations and convos. Take a look!

@wkiNewRelic Shares docs to this APM/UI question:

Thanks to @david.pinn who came back successful in the end!

@Evdog :dog: jumps in to offer this accounts solution:

Be sure to also check out this Alerts Customer Solution by @michal.kasza:

Thanks a million to as always for being our #1 Community HERO! :heart: @stefan_garnham :

Please don’t forget to click to e-commerce banner above to participate in September’s Shopping List challenge! :shopping_bags:

See you soon! And thanks to you all for participating in many different ways. Our community would not be the same with out you!