September 23, 2017—Post of the Week: Synthetics, Alerts, NRQL and more!

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Post of the Week :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:

This is a post that highlights all of the brain power and team spirit that happens in this online community.

Thank you to all of our members that jump in tho help—this week and always! Read below to find out what everyone has been up to this past week! :eyes:

@bruno.vieira shares his solution to ignore a transaction here:

@a.ardusso updates us all on this linux question with his solution:

@stefan_garnham jumps in this alerting on NRQL question:

@philweber and @anmezick share what is on their e-commerce dashboards:

and we always love when @shoffman jumps in to help!

Be sure to check out this Synthetics from Synthetics Product Manager @jmarcel:

and @rmusser’s post on measuring a file download in Synthetics is a fun read, too:

Thanks again, all! This has been another great week for us and we hope you come back soon! And a reminder: you do not want to miss our Coffee Chat coming up in a couple days! Register here!