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Sequence steps with Q



This is a somewhat contrived example and draws upon data values existing from my previous Insights POST script Insights post custom events with randomized attribute values

This script shows how to use the Q library to convert the callbacks returned by the $http object in Synthetics into promises that can be executed sequentially to step through results.

var myLicenseKey = '{INSIGHTS QUERY KEY}';
var myInsertKey = '{INSIGHTS INSERT KEY}';
var accountNum =  'ACCOUNT NUMBER';
var Q = require('q');
var assert = require('assert');

var InsightsGET = function () {
var deferred = Q.defer();
var NRQL = 'SELECT%20average(amount)%20FROM%20SyntheticsEvent';
var options = {
  uri: ''+accountNum+'/query?nrql='+NRQL,
  headers: {
  'X-Query-Key': myLicenseKey,
  'Accept': 'application/json'
$http.get(options,function(err, response, body){
  if (err) deferred.reject(err); //rejects the promise with `err` as the reason
    else deferred.resolve(body); //fulfills the promise with `response and body as the values
return deferred.promise; //promise is returned

var processResults = function(data) {
var  deferred = Q.defer();
  var info = JSON.parse(data); //parse the results to pick up the average value
  console.log("Average value is: "+ info.results[0].average);
  return deferred.promise;

var InsightsPOST = function(average) {
var deferred = Q.defer();
var options = {
        url: ""+accountNum+"/events",
        body: '[{"eventType":"SyntheticsAverage","average":'+average+'}]',
        headers: {
                'X-Insert-Key': myInsertKey,
                'Content-Type': 'application/json'
$, function(error, response, body) {
  if (error) deferred.reject(error); //rejects the promise with `err` as the reason
    else deferred.resolve(average); //fulfills the promise with `average as the value, carrying the previous result along to the final step
return deferred.promise;};

var AssertResults = function(data) {
  assert.ok(data > 1000, "Average should be greater than 1000, value was "+data);
console.log("all done now");


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