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Server Down alert after yum update



Overnight an automatic update process performed a yum update that installed newrelic-infra-1.5.1-1.x86_64 update. Immediately after the update one of our alert policies triggered a false positive of the server being down (ie, Infrastructure host reporting status). However, we can clearly see in infrastructure that the server is up and reporting data (ie, cpu, network, storage, etc). We have since that update restarted the newrelic-infra.service service with no effect. We then ran another yum update which then updated the agent to newrelic-infra-1.5.26-1.x86_64. NR alert condition of server down remains. The server in question is running centos 7.


Hi @travis1 - Due to the way that New Relic reports a server in Infrastructure, a server down requires manual intervention, once you have confirmed the host has restarted. The post below explains in more detail.


Good to know. That did the trick.


Thanks for confirming that @travis1 - and thanks for helping out @stefan_garnham :+1: :smiley: