Server-side configuration disabled

Hi. After setting the server-side configuration enabled, I want to change to the disabled setting, but the disabled button is not enabled. What should I do?


Hi @teddy.jang - We have some documentation that reviews how to disable server-side configuration that should be helpful:

Note that you need to be an owner, admin, or have the appropriate add on role to make these changes. Also, server-side configuration is not available for the PHP agent.

Let me know if those steps don’t work and we’ll get you sorted.

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We are currently using a JAVA agent and I am an admin user. I checked the document. However, the OFF toggle button is not active and you have asked

Hey @teddy.jang! To completely disable server-side configuration our Account Support Engineers will need to get involved.

It’s easy enough, but I will need to connect you with them privately in order to address account specifics. Look out for an email soon! :blush:


I would like this also :slight_smile: !

It feels off to be able to switch it on, and not able to switch it off again. Maybe mistaken of course.

Please contact me also :face_with_head_bandage:

Thanks @ivocazemier - I will get you setup. You should have an email from us shortly.

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Forgive me for being late. Could you send me an e-mail?

Hey @teddy.jang - I just opened a ticket for you - watch out in your email for that

I need to disable it too. Can you help me?

@matzam I’ve reached out to our Accounts team on your behalf, they will be reaching out to you shortly by email.

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I need to disable Server-side agent configuration too

@mikhail.e.kulikov I have done the same for you now too and our accounts team will be sending you an email shortly.

Hey I need to disable one of QAT environment server-side configuration

Hi @lwang2, you will need support to assist you with this so I have gone ahead and reached out to them on your behalf. They will reach out shortly by email to assist.

I need to disable this too, could you reach out?

Hi @martin48! I have done the same for you and our team will reach out to you by email to assist.

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Hi NR team,
I also need to disable server-side configuration for one application. Please help.

Hello @sanjeev.kumar2 welcome to the Explorer’s Hub!

I have done the same for you, someone from our team will contact you via email to assist further! :slight_smile: