Service Dependency Graph from OpenTelemetry Data

For a given trace, New Relic does a great job showing how a message gets passed around between services using OpenTelemetry trace ids, and so on. However, in Jaeger, for example, I can see a single static dependency map of how my services connect to one another based solely off of tracing data. Jaeger must be doing this by adding an edge between services if it has any traces that show messages sent between the services. I really wish I could see something similar in New Relic, but I could not find anything. I added all of my services to a workload but the workload map doesn’t show any connections between the services. Is this possible in New Relic?

I have a somewhat unique situation where I have a third party collecting and sending OpenTelemetry data into New Relic for various services, and separately each service has a New Relic agent. So I have, for example, ServiceA agent data and ServiceA-OpenTelemetry trace data coming in from this third party that handles a pub-sub system for me.

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