Service maps for frontend react app and backend rails server

We have a front-end node server that hosts a react app and a backend rails server that does the hard stuff.
The browser loads a page and the react app requests a lot of resources (depending on page of course) Those proxy through the node server to rails backend. I was mostly wondering if we can tie all of that together including those JSON requests.

In other words, can I get a diagram (service map?) that includes front and backend for a particular page.

I’d imagine this would entail setting up agents on the backend rails server and ‘browser’ monitoring on the front end node server.

Hi @Harsh.Parekh - Service Map functionality does not support a single page and all transactions.

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Hey @Harsh.Parekh Stefan is right about Service Map not supporting your requirements. I would suggest filing that in the category: #feature-ideas:feature-ideas-apm-ui :slight_smile:

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