Service maps, old database metrics, managed upgrade possible?

I’m trying out service maps. Some of the applications report old database metrics, and an info message says that the agents must be upgraded to support new database dashboards. We’re severely understaffed and do not have time to remote into all machines to perform manual upgrades, so we’re looking for a more managed solution. How do I configure New Relic to perform this and any future upgrade automatically from here on out?

Hey @sundqvist, can you let us know what agent you’re using? We can then point you to the right resource for configuring upgrades.

We’re using the .NET agent for most, if not all apps. Versions vary though. These are the agent versions I’ve seen so far:

Hello @sundqvist! Please take a look here:

Go to “Manual Installation” at the bottom. There you will find the MSI installer options for the .NET agent. The configuration file will remain the same for each install, so it’s basically updating the binaries and some static configuration files. You can then push that out to all the systems with older agents.

Hope this helps!

Allright, we’ll try it out. But just to confirm, will this procedure make all our agents autoupdate themselves from now on?

Unfortunately, this will only allow you to push out the current version of the .NET agent to all of your systems. They will not automatically update.

You can get notification when new versions of the agent are released by either signing up for the RSS feed on our release notes page, or by utilizing one of the many online services that will notify you by email when a page changes. Once notified, you can grab the new release, and then replicate the same push procedure.

That said, having an autoupdate for the .NET agent would be a fantastic feature. I have filed a feature request to our product managers on your behalf, asking that they make such an option available.