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Service Unavailable Server Error for EU collector


I’m getting a service unavailable since yesterday on a brand-new NewRelic agent and customer setup.

Its a Windows Server (Win Server 2016 Datacenter) serving ASP.Core 2.2 via IIS and this is an extract of the error out of the agent logs:

2019-11-04 16:14:23,521 NewRelic ERROR: Received HTTP status code ServiceUnavailable with message {“exception”:{“message”:“Server Error”,“error_type”:“RuntimeError”}}
2019-11-04 16:14:23,521 NewRelic ERROR: Unable to connect to the New Relic service at : NewRelic.Agent.Core.Exceptions.HttpException: Service Unavailable
at NewRelic.Agent.Core.DataTransport.HttpCollectorWire.ThrowExceptionFromHttpWebResponse(String serializedData, HttpWebResponse response)
at NewRelic.Agent.Core.DataTransport.HttpCollectorWire.SendData(String method, ConnectionInfo connectionInfo, String serializedData)
at NewRelic.Agent.Core.DataTransport.ConnectionHandler.SendDataOverWire[T](ICollectorWire wire, String method, Object[] data)
at NewRelic.Agent.Core.DataTransport.ConnectionHandler.SendNonDataRequest[T](String method, Object[] data)
at NewRelic.Agent.Core.DataTransport.ConnectionHandler.SendConnectRequest()
at NewRelic.Agent.Core.DataTransport.ConnectionHandler.Connect()
2019-11-04 16:14:23,537 NewRelic INFO: Will attempt to reconnect in 300 seconds
2019-11-04 16:15:23,551 NewRelic INFO: Metric harvest starting.

I’ve used the x64 installer (v of the New Relic .NET Agent. IIS has been restarted and the server does have internet access. We are sending data to the EU collectors, not the US.


Hey @dean10 - that’s odd. Is this still happening? I don’t believe we have encountered any issues this week with our collectors so I wouldn’t expect this error message.

Can you send me a link to the account you’re trying to send data to?


After some digging into this with our backend engineering teams, it looks like there was a small interruption over the weekend to our collectors for a small subset of customer accounts in our EU Region that would have resulted in the error messages you are seeing. I have confirmed that this issue has since been resolved and all EU Region apps should be connecting without issue. Please let us know if you’re still experiencing this and we can open a ticket for further investigation with our engineering team for your specific account.