ServiceNow-New Relic integration


We are trying to integrate Newrelic with serviceNow to push incidents to tickets. For this integration we tried setting up with the basic authentication.

For testing how can i send test notification?


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Hi @mohd.salman,

Welcome to the Explorers Hub and thank you for reaching out! :slightly_smiling_face:

To start, I recommend confirming all the steps have been completed as listed in Configure ServiceNow.

Once you have confirmed, you can configure a test notification by following these steps:

To test a notification channel:

  1. Go to, in the top nav click Alerts & AI, then click Notification channels.
  2. Follow standard procedures to add a new notification channel or to update an existing notification channel, and save it.
  3. Select a notification channel, and then click Send a test notification.
  4. Review the test confirmation message, and then click Got it.

See Test alert notification channels for more on this.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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Hi @tpaul1

I am not able to send notification to servicenow destination. I have created a destination for servicenow. I am not able to find this destination in notification channels when setting in alert policy. PFA screenshot.


@mohd.salman Destinations are part of Applied Intelligence. Channels are a part of Alerts. You won’t be able to see destination in the standard alerts and you won’t be able to see alert channels in Applied Intelligence.


mohd, hope you’ve managed to resolve your issue. I’ve done this integration for 2 different clients in 2 different ways. the 1st one included a specific solution that handles the integration process without much help from us. we used a connector, zigiops, to do it. the 2nd one was the regular way. and yes, as sduvall mentioned, destinations are part of Applied intelligence.

thanks so much for sharing your workaround @dex.copper98!