Servicenow not showing in channels. Is this ok?

I am trying to do configurations to send alert notification to servicenow. As per i need to create destination.

However servicenow is not listed while creating a channel as shown below. Does this mean that servicenow plugin is not fully enabled in NewRelic?

Hi @gopalkrishna.baliga

Thanks for reaching out, I hope you are well.

It sounds like you want to go from NR to Service Now. Please have a look at Product Documentation | ServiceNow as I think It may require SN to pull from NR.

Please do let me know if this was helpful, feel free to reach out with any additional questions.

Hi @gopalkrishna.baliga it looks like the 2nd option in the screenshot of destinations is Service Now. As we are heading towards the end of life for Notification Channels the way to add your channels is through Destinations.

Hi @gopalkrishna.baliga ,
Servicenow is supported with the new AI notifications (using workflows)
After creating a workflow, you should be able to find the destination you created.
Please refer to our docs (there is a short video which can help)