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Session Site tracking



Basically, we are looking into the site tracking, from the time a user visits out the site and browses around, I would like to have all that data.

  1. How do I get session ID of the user ?

  2. How do I get all the data performed by that particular session from the time he logins in and logout or till session expires?



Hi, @mahesh.k: You may find this document helpful:

By default, session IDs are anonymous. To correlate a session ID with an individual user, you will have to add a custom attribute, such as username or account number.

If you know a session ID, you may view all the browser activity for that session in Insights:

SELECT * FROM PageView WHERE session = 'session-id-here'


I pulled PHPSession ID from browser and ran the above query but i got error “There is no content to display”

SELECT * FROM PageView WHERE session = ‘3vhks758mmo7gvl6rr948jgvn1’


It is not the PHPSession ID, it is a custom ID generated by the Browser agent. I don’t think it is possible for you to see it in your browser.

To see the IDs, go to Insights and execute the following query:

SELECT count(*) FROM PageView FACET session

Then select one of the session IDs and issue this query:

SELECT * FROM PageView WHERE session = 'session-id-here'


If you want to use the PHPSession ID, you can pass it as a custom attribute.