Setting Apdex Alert for low-throughput app

I am looking for advice on how to handle apdex score for app that have low throughput traffic.
According to this document

“The formula used for calculating the Apdex score is designed for high-throughput apps. If your app’s throughput is less than 100 RPM, not enough data is collected to determine a stable score. The instability may result in Apdex alert conditions behaving unexpectedly.”

My app throughput is at around 70 RPM.

Since yesterday, I keep getting alert of low apdex score even though the T value is set at 3 seconds and the average response time is 1600ms.

Hi, @anthony.nguyen: As the document says, the Apdex formula is designed for high-throughput applications. If yours is not, you may simply disregard Apdex and use a different metric, such as response time, to monitor its performance.