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Setting newrelic environment in distroless docker container



We previously used -Dnewrelic.environment=${profile} in our docker files to select the desired newrelic config based on what environment variable docker sets at startup. recently we switched to a distroless java container ( with no variable substitution. we tried setting an environment variable with no luck: NEW_RELIC_ENVIRONMENT=DEV, NEW_RELIC_CONFIG_ENVIRONMENT=DEV had no effect (but, e.g. NEW_RELIC_AGENT_ENABLED=false works).
what is a sensible way to work around this without including a shell into our container?

EDIT: to clarify: the distroless image uses exec form of ENTRYPOINT, and there’s no shell by default to get variable substitution. using JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS might be an option but none of the minor variations of “JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS=-Dnewrelic.environment=DEVELOPMENT” worked for us.


Huh. Not sure what we did wrong before, but JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS does in fact work, so I guess this can be ignored.


Hello @vilius.vaivada, that’s cool. Thanks for letting us know that worked for you! :slight_smile: