Setting up an alert for java process?

We have a scenario where we have multiple java processes running on a server serving different purposes but their display name shows the same in New Relic and also the commandline displays the same for all. I want to set up the alert separately for each of the processes. How can I do this? the process name has also been set up using Dname argument but it still shows as java in New Relic infra tab.

Hi @abhishek.raturi,

By default, the Infrastructure agent strips the command line arguments of processes it monitors. You can disable this by setting the following in your newrelic-infra.yml:

strip_command_line: false

This will capture all of the command line arguments which, particularly with java, tend to be relatively unique. Bear in mind, any sensitive information passed as a command line argument will also be captured.

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@sellefson thanks. And this attribute will come under the custome_attribute or directly below the license key attribute?

Hi @abhishek.raturi,

Just under the license_key at the same level of indentation, yup :slight_smile: