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Setting up newrelic_f5_plugin on CentOS host


Good day,

We have a need to pull F5 statistics and put them into a graphical interface. We are currently running the f5_monitor in the foreground (user has an open putty session with it running on their desktop). Though this is working, this is not the solution I would have in mind.

Is there something out there for someone with little to no experience with Ruby/New Relic plugins that will help me set this up?

My first thought is, I can write a wrapper script to look for the process, and if its running, does nothing, if its not, it starts it. This can be in cron, and run in the background. I know this is a solution, but I am hopeful that there is a cleaner solution out there.

Some specifics;

CentOS 6.5

Thank you.


Certainly you could adapt it to be run by any one of the number of systems that does precisely this - start a process on boot and restart it if it fails - that exist for linux: monit, supervisord, init, upstart, launchd. However, advising you on setting any of those up is perhaps a bit more involved than we can get on the forum.

Plus, the unfortunate reality is that the Centos 6 boot system, upstart, is only used in centos 6 - in centos 7 they’ll be using launchd instead (reference:

But honestly your unclean solution isn’t such a bad one. Here’s how I’d do it:

in /etc/rc.local (which is run at the end of every boot), just add the command to run the plugin. You’ll probably want to both redirect the output to somewhere and run it in the background:

command > /var/log/f5_plugin_output 2>&1 &

This only runs once, but the plugin does not in my experience crash very often - are you seeing it crash on occasion?


Good day, and thank you for your reply.

I have went the route of creating a service for it. Not having any issues with it now, except its running on someones desktop in the foreground. :slight_smile: Wanting to eliminate that type of management.

Appreciate your suggestions, Fool! Have a great day!


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