Should I choose .NET Framework agent or .NET Core 2.0 agent?

As the doc( lists, there are two types of agents for .NET on Windows.

  1. .NET Framework agent
  2. .NET Core 2.0 agent

I have an app hosting in windows-service. The app is basing on Kestrel HTTP server and other componenbts from ASP.NET core, but according to Microsoft’s doc, its TargetFramework is set to .NET framework.

In short, the app is running on .NET framework but it is using ASP.NET Core 2.0 technology.
For this case, which agent should I use?

We do not currently support .NET Core running on .NET Framework. Currently we support .NET Core running only on .NET Core 2.0.

This configuration causes the .NET Core code to run through the .NET Framework CLR so your application will appear in the Framework Agent’s logs but we do not currently instrument .NET Core in the Framework agent so no transactions will appear.

For this to be added as a feature in a future release I’d recommend creating a post in our Feature Ideas section here: