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Show a port number in transactions



Hello. Wonder if I can include “ports” when showing transactions, or at least be able to break down a transaction at the level more than Stream[localhost]: GET.

Example. We have many urls we call from a given service, at localhost:port. Knowing the port would allow us to break down a long call to localhost:badServicePort.

In specific key traces, we can drill all the way down, but this is not exactly how we need to do it.

I am aware we can create traces with urls manually via the .net agent api set transaction uri. I’d rather not do that unless we need to, and I am not sure that setting a transaction url to localhost:port will do any more than the automatic url gets today from just localhost.

Please advise and thanks.


Hi @japple,

There’s no way to do this through the agent configuration. One option, as you mentioned, would be to set the transaction name manually and include the port. Another option would be to use the AddCustomParameter() API method and create an Insights dashboard that includes a query for transactions based on the port number. You can include actual metric charts in the dashboard if you’re looking to visualize certain data points in the same location.