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Show Off Your New Relic Product Knowledge


Show Off Your New Relic Product Knowledge

We see you. We see you day after day, solving your complex issues, sharing tips, and answering each other’s questions: we know you know a lot about New Relic. For some of you it’s a full time job! You may be the “New Relic expert” at your job, or in your network. We see you getting New Relic certified, drinking up on-boarding content, and adding New Relic to the skills section of your resume. It warms our data driven hearts.

Flaunt your skills

It’s time to make sure others in the Explorers Hub know just how credible of a New Relic resource you are. October is all about your personal New Relic knowledge. :brain: Prove your knowledge, receive a product badge and custom product title! That way, whoever you encounter in the Explorers Hub will know you are the person with the wisdom they may seek.

In order to earn the flashy badge and title that boasts your New Relic smarts, here is what you do:

During the month of October, the Explorers Hub will roll out Best Practice guides for APM, Alerts, Infrastructure and Browser.

These Best Practice guides will also have an associated link that will take you to our quiz software to complete 10 question quiz that will test what you know. Pass the quiz (don’t worry, it’s open-book!) and :boom: you earn your badge and title! You must get 80% or higher to pass the quizzes.

In order to get your prize, make sure you provide the email address associated with your Explorers Hub account so we can be sure to get you the prizes you earn. (Don’t worry, supplying your email does not mean you will receive any extra email from us or from the quiz site.)

After you qualify for one, move onto the next! If you pass more than one quiz in October, we will send you an Explorers Hub t-shirt!

We can’t wait to see who is the most knowledgeable in these areas! :books:

Now get to studying!

APM Best Practice Guide & Quiz

Alerts Best Practice Guide & Quiz

Infrastructure Best Practice Guide & Quiz

Browser Best Practice Guide & Quiz

Welcome New Explorers | October 10 2018
October 2018 Coffee Chat: Best Practices & Getting started with New Relic
Documentation for running a java agent to monitor your Atlassian Applications!
2018 Review of Community Awesomeness

Hi @Swanand.Shelar.9! Great question: I recommend using just your name.

BUT, be sure and use the email address associated with your New Relic/ accounts so we know who you are to get your prizes. :blush:


Hi folks! We’re half-way through the month and you are all on :fire:! So many product badges earned already! If you haven’t read our Best Practice Guides or taken the quizzes yet, what are you waiting for?

Give a high :five: to all of these amazing Explorers:

APM Badge

@abraham.liya @BhaveshBhagat4 @jigar.patel2 @agarcia2 @tywhite @Gopher @michael.brown @rmalhotra @richl @monitoringLife @Swanand.Shelar.9 @Clint.Durham @Ajit.Bhokse @bcarter @thigo.muniz @jlelli @jfry @madhu.boyina @patrick.hannah @colin.grey @alan11 @peckb1 @tomasz.marszal @raghu1 @alan.seymour @shirishp @Preetika.Shukla @carlos.teixeira @LAMBERT @ravi.raj @austinorth @Salvadore.Martinez @coaks @luis.baroni @Ranjith.Ramachandran @Rahul_Patil @alexander_shabatura @JigneshKumar.Shah @Dharini.Udhayakumar @roberto.gaveglia @hakan.bahadir @David.Bell @Gopinath.Muthusamy @rdouglas @stefan_garnham

Alerts Badge

@abraham.liya @BhaveshBhagat4 @jigar.patel2 @agarcia2 @MKhanna @feldman @tywhite @Gopher @Dharini.Udhayakumar @monitoringLife @zackm @Swanand.Shelar.9 @Gopinath.Muthusamy @thigo.muniz @martinez.zepeda @tomasz.marszal @stefan_garnham @Salvadore.Martinez @Ranjith.Ramachandran @Rahul_Patil @Preetika.Shukla @shirishp @omila.ihalage @madhu.boyina @luis.baroni @Larry.Collicott @LAMBERT @jlelli @jfry @hakan.bahadir @David.Bell @rdouglas @colin.grey @coaks @peckb1 @protoben @austinorth @alexander_shabatura @alan.seymour @Ajit.Bhokse

Infrastructure Badge

@abraham.liya @agarcia2 @MKhanna @Mark.Herring @feldman @tywhite @Dharini.Udhayakumar @jigar.patel2 @monitoringLife @zackm @stefan_garnham @Ajit.Bhokse @alan.seymour @jlelli @jfry @peckb1 @tomasz.marszal @Preetika.Shukla @LAMBERT @protoben @durante @austinorth @Rahul_Patil @David.Bell @Gopinath.Muthusamy @hakan.bahadir @rdouglas @Larry.Collicott

Browser Badge

@agarcia2 @tywhite @monitoringLife @hakan.bahadir @Ajit.Bhokse @Clint.Durham @durante @abraham.liya @jlelli @jfry @patrick.hannah @peckb1 @tomasz.marszal @alan.seymour @LAMBERT @austinorth @David.Bell @stefan_garnham @rdouglas

Did you take and pass the quiz but not see your name here? We’re updating the badges about once a week so hang tight if you just recently passed. If it was a while ago, let me know and we will make sure that you get your recognition!

Also - remember that you can always see what badges are available and how to earn them on our badges page!


When and how do I get my new relic hub T-shirt?


Hey @Rahul_Patil - We typically wait until our monthly campaigns are over before totalling up responses and sending out swag prizes. That will be in early November. We’ll reach out to you and other participants for your delivery address at a later date, so watch out for that email in early November :smiley:


Hi, will the t-shirt ship abroad? I am from Argentina :smiley: Thanks!


2 Done 2 to go. Thanks guys!


@durante - Yup you can get a t-shirt in Argentina :smiley:


Hey @durante - you bet! As a matter of fact, I just sent your Treasure Hunt mugs your way!


T-shirt and a mug! niceee :star_struck:



Just completed APM, Alerts and Infrastructure. Very good content!

Thank you!


So glad to hear it @leonardo.andreotti - and congrats on passing! :trophy:


All 4 passed, looking forward to expanding the t-shirt collection!


Excellent work @Rhenken! Nobody doesn’t love a free t-shirt. amiright?


Awesome, could always do with another New Relic shirt! :slight_smile:


Very informative Guides and exciting quizzes, thanks :hugs: !


Should these badges show up automatically? I did two of the tests last night.


@tom42 - the quizzing tool we are using is not integrated well with the Explorers Hub such that we could automate badging. So that is a manual process. We try to get badges issued weekly though, so you should see them soon. :smiley:


I completed APM and Alerts best practices quizzes. Great content! Looking forward for the free T-Shirt.


Awesome, thanks for clarifying!