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Show Off Your New Relic Product Knowledge


You should have your Alerts and APM badges now, @tom42 :smiley:


@Linds I just passed the quiz, but didn’t see my badge on the profile. When it will appear?


@nazarhussain - Congratulations on passing the quizzes.
We assign badges weekly, the last run was yesterday, so the next badge assignment will be next week. Rest assured that if you passed the quiz, you’ll get your badge :smiley:


Treasure Hunt 2017, Show off your New Relic Knowledge 2018 … waiting for more.
Completed all 4 quiz’s.
Really appreciate your efforts in conducting these kind of programs, these programs really give us a chance to refresh and update our NR knowledge. Thanks.


@sudhir_muramalla - We’re so glad you enjoyed the treasure hunts and quizzes :smiley: We are definitely looking to do more things like this in the future, so your feedback on these is great!


Update! It’s been a week since we checked in and we have doubled the number of people who have earned their badges. Nice work every one! Join me in congratulating all the people who earned their badge last week:

APM Badge - 96 people!
@donna.zhou @dfarmer @bhavik.upadhyaya @ocallaghand @salwal @acuffe @fintan.maguire @a.lomakin @anupam.jha @prabhath.wijethunga @vikram.shivtare @Aldrin.Cruz @mdiasmolina @tom42 @sebastian8 @maria.perdomo @john.lund @vivek.kadimesetty @ankit_updater @Rhenken @phyominhtun @finger @plaposta @christopher.primeran @isquish @mauro_luna @jamie.simpson @leonardo.andreotti @dan16 @abidin.yigit @koppold.chad @james.cox @JoDee.Templeton @Minh @feldman @dqian @brian.childers @jaysisodiya @kapilkumar.jain @ivan.prlic @purple4reina @purple4reina @will_smendes @sschneider @matt.seymour @umomany @MKhanna @RyanVeitch

Alerts Badge - 78 people!
@carlos.teixeira @donna.zhou @dfarmer @mdiasmolina @thanks @vivek.kadimesetty @acuffe @prabhath.wijethunga @Aldrin.Cruz @joel.hansen @tnovak @mckennab @robertcbrowning @tom42 @sebastian8 @maria.perdomo @rkapila @salwal @raghu1 @Rhenken @mauro_luna @koppold.chad @chinmay.kumarpradhan @jamie.simpson @leonardo.andreotti @christopher.primeran @lakshminarayanaraju @dan16 @JoDee.Templeton @Clint.Durham @Minh @brian.childers @Christopher.minton @kapilkumar.jain @durante @RyanVeitch

Infrastructure Badge - 61 people!
@dfarmer @mdiasmolina @thanks @oDee.Templeton @Swanand.Shelar.9 @acuffe @mckennab @fintan.maguire @anupam.jham @Aldrin.Cruz @joel.hansen @tnovak @Viraj.Mohare @robertcbrowning @maria.perdomo @raghu1 @ankit_updater @Rhenken @mauro_luna @leonardo.andreotti @isquish @christopher.primeran @chinmay.kumarpradhan @lakshminarayanaraju @Clint.Durham @mcaron @brian.childers @kapilkumar.jain @Christopher.minton @RyanVeitch

Browser Badge - 34 people!
@carlos.teixeira @bhavik.upadhyaya @thanks @JoDee.Templeton @acuffe @joel.hansen @mdiasmolina @Rhenken @mauro_luna @christopher.primeran @brian.childers @katpastoral @RyanVeitch


Add me to the APM and Alerts lists. Will try make some time for the other two.


Awesome work, @cgambrell!

Good luck—let us know when you get to to those other quizzes! :blush:



Congratulations Explorers! :tada:

You all crushed it in October! :trophy: We were thrilled to see so many of you embrace our new Best Practices guides and their quizzes. How many, you ask? A lot! Here are some numbers:

  • There were over 2,200 reads of the four Best Practice Guides
  • 165 of you took AND PASSED at least one of the quizzes
  • 129 of you took and passed at least two of the quizzes (look for an email about claiming your :tshirt:)
  • 62 of you took and passed ALL FOUR quizzes
  • Browser - 66 people passed
  • Infrastructure - 89 people passed
  • Alerts - 125 people passed
  • APM - 157 people passed

The fun is not over. You can still quiz! :mortar_board:

While you can’t earn a t-shirt for passing two or more quizzes anymore, you can still earn your badges and show off your skills. If you didn’t finish all four, or you haven’t even started yet, our quizzes are still live - so go for it! We’ll keep awarding badges on a weekly basis. :medal_sports:

And, keep your :eyes: peeled for new Best Practice guides and quizzes. We’re cooking up a Synthetics version next…

A toast :milk_glass: to all the Explorers who passed a quiz this month

A final thank you to everyone who passed at least one quiz this month. Congratulations and keep learning!

@AdamB @Ajit.Bhokse @Aldrin.Cruz @BhaveshBhagat4 @CHRISTOPHER.MCKENNA @CarlosGomez.Martinez @Christopher.minton @Clint.Durham @David.Bell @Dharini.Udhayakumar @Dominic.Giger @Erick.Brambila @Gopher @Gopinath.Muthusamy @James.Kim3 @JigneshKumar.Shah @JoDee.Templeton @LAMBERT @Larry.Collicott @MKhanna @Mark.Herring @Minh @Preetika.Shukla @Rahul_Patil @Ranjith.Ramachandran @Rhenken @RyanVeitch @Salvadore.Martinez @Sameer.Vasudendra @Swanand.Shelar.9 @Viraj.Mohare @a.lomakin @abidin.yigit @abraham.liya @absta9 @acuffe @afflittog @agarcia2 @alan.seymour @alan11 @alexander_shabatura @ambriscom @ankit_updater @anupam.jha @austinorth @bcarter @bhavik.upadhyaya @brian.childers @brianchilders @carlos.teixeira @cassidyziech @catalin.minovici @cgambrell @cherry.abraham @chinmay.kumarpradhan @christopher.chua @christopher.primeran @coaks @colin.grey @dan16 @dave.dulebohn @dconnolly @dfarmer @donna.zhou @dqian @dstubkjaer @durante @eturley @evnt @feldman @finger @fintan.maguire @germano.ds @hafiz @hakan.bahadir @ian.hodgetts @isquish @ivan.prlic @james.cox @jamie.simpson @jaysisodiya
@jerome.l @jfry @jigar.patel2 @jlelli @joel.hansen @john.lund @jon_nunan @jtmorton @kapilkumar.jain @katpastoral @kigoud21 @koppold.chad @lakshminarayanaraju @leonardo.andreotti @luis.baroni @madhu.boyina @mandeep.bal @maria.perdomo @martinez.zepeda @matt.seymour @mauro_luna @mcaron @mckennab @mdiasmolina @meatsack @michael.brown @michael.svegmar @mike.andrewjeski @monitoringLife @mroeser @nazarhussain @ngyurova @nurbanz @ocallaghand @oleg.lipovchenko @olivier.brisse @omila.ihalage @patrick.hannah @peckb1 @phyominhtun @plaposta @prabhath.wijethunga @protoben @purple4reina @raghu1 @ramboz @rashmi.pai @ravi.raj @rdouglas @richl @ritchie_newrelic @rjunior @rkapila @rmalhotra @robertcbrowning @roberto.gaveglia @salwal @sebastian8 @shirishp @shivani @sschneider @stefan_garnham @sudhir_muramalla @sunil5 @swallace1 @tarun.singh @thanks @thien.ho.quoine @thigo.muniz @tnovak @tom42 @tomasz.marszal @tywhite @umomany @vfuentes @vikram.shivtare @vishal.ambesange @vivek.kadimesetty @will_smendes @ygarcia @zackm @zfriss