Sidekiq errors not reporting in Ruby app


I’m trying to set up newrelic monitoring in a Ruby application that uses Sidekiq for background jobs. I’m using Ruby 2.6.2, newrelic_rpm 6.5. Currently errors raised during web transactions are reporting without issue but no errors that occur in Sidekiq workers are logged. Everything I’ve read seems to indicate that Sidekiq should automatically be picked up but it doesn’t seem to be recording any errors. I can see in the newrelic_agent.log the message - Installing Sidekiq instrumentation and reporting to: my_app_url but no non-web transactions are logged and the errors are not reported.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Heya @richard.watkins

I was checking your application and I am seeing a sidekiq job showing in your non-web transactions:

Are there transactions that you are expecting to see there that you are not?

Also as far as errors are concerned, are you handling your own errors in your application? If you are you will need to use the noticeError API call for the Ruby agent:

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