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Simulate "Host Not Responding" condition for testing


We have created an alert condition for “Not Not Responding for 5 minutes” and configured and tested the notification channel successfully with it’s test e-mail.

What we are wanting to do is simulate the actual failure or send out an “Example” e-mail for our call center run-books for after hours escalation to on call technicians.

Basically I need to share with them what this e-mail looks like but I don’t want to take any of these hosts down to generate it. Can I simulate it?


@cwilson Good question. The ‘host not reporting’ condition does not distinguish between intended and unintended agent stops. This means you can just stop the agent service in order to trigger a violation. Keep in mind that Alerts doesn’t know it’s just a test so you’ll have to keep your teams aware of the situation. Here is some documentation on how to manually stop an agent:


Ahh, gee I should have thought of just stopping the agent. I will schedule that with our command center. Thanks!