Site not appear

Hi… i am using newrelic with .NET AGENT on a windows server with IIS.
My server has a lot of sites and almost all is working fine… but one site is not reporting data to new relic.

Ay ideas?

Hello @xavier.verdino,

The process for troubleshooting a non-reporting .NET agent is outlined in the link below. Could you check that out and let us know if it helps resolve your issue?



I ask to the dev team and the app was developed using VS2013… newrelic .net agent is compatible with this?

The version of Visual Studio shouldn’t matter but the version of .NET framework it targets does. If this site running .NET 3.5 for instance you would need to use version 6.x of the New Relic .NET Agent. And if it is targeting .NET Core you would need to install the .NET Core Agent.