Soap Request using API Test in Synthetics

I want to post soap request using Authentication in API Test. Please help me.

Hi @pervala1 - There are many posts related to this on the forum. I searched for “API Synthetic SOAP” and this is one of the many posts that were returned.

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hi @stefan_garnham I tried this but I am getting unknown characters as response.

@pervala1 - A SOAP API call is nothing more than a HTTP request with an XML payload and generally some additional headers. Synthetics doesn’t offer any specific handlers out of the box to assist in making the API calls but if you are using a Synthetics Private Location it’s possible to import an additional node modules to assist in making the SOAP requests.

If not, you will simply need to manually construct the required payload and http headers needed to satisfy your SOAP endpoint. If you are getting a response of unknown characters from your SOAP endpoint that most likely indicates an error in your payload that was sent to your endpoint and you would need to verify the payload matches the expected format for your endpoint.

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