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Solved: View avg time in a particular method across all transactions as a chart


We’ve been tracing some trouble in one of our Java applications and think a small DB pool is causing threads to wait for datasource.

If we dive into a particular transaction, we can see a spike in the time for “BasicDataSource.getConnection()” to return (the thread is waiting on a free db connection).

I want to add just that method across all transactions to a dashboard, but I am not sure how, or if its possible…

Chart a particular (internal) API call across all transactions on a dashboard

I found it! If you are looking for a Java method, start exploring under the “Java/” category.

I was fooled by the fact the interface "java(x).sql.DataSource was not under the Java category. But I tried to focus on my implementation (spring app in tomcat) to get the proper implementation package and it was there!


So going forward a nice enhancement would be to show that full package name as a tooltip or something when viewing that method call on other charts.


Hi @edward_webb - that is beautiful troubleshooting! Thank you for spending more time on this and sharing it forward with our community. I am sure this will help others. I have also sent your request on to our product management team.

I hope you have a wonderful week and thank you again!